Application process for Borghesani Community Fund Grants


In Anne’s Spirit is dedicated to reducing the incidence and effects of violence by promoting development of healthy children and families and to providing scholarships that encourage personal growth through community involvement.Special consideration is given, but not limited to, innovative start-up programs that work to build healthy communities by providing direct services to children, families, and victims of violence. (see Grants Awarded)

Grant Guidelines: 

The grant guidelines and deadlines are subject to change. We are young and our focus, requirements and procedures will evolve as we gain experience in the area of grant making. 

Unsolicited grant inquiries are welcome at any time during the year. 

Grant applications are reviewed biennially.

Awards are subject to board selection; awards are not required at each evaluation time; consideration and issuance of grants are subject to availability of funds. 

Nonprofit organizations that qualify for public charity status under section 501 ©(3)of the Internal Revenue Code or public schools and libraries are eligible for contributions or grants. 

For profit businesses are not eligible. Special consideration is given to, but not limited to, New England based programs. Grants are not awarded to individuals or for political lobbying. 

Grant amounts will vary. 

The duration of grants will be typically for a single year. 

Applicants may be requested to provide further information regarding their proposal and may be asked to directly present their proposals to board members. 

All grant applications must be submitted directly to us at the Contact Address for consideration. 

Application Form 

Name of Organization: 


Contact Person: 





Type of organization – services provided, ages served, educational vs. health, etc. 

Grant project description (one to three pages)including:

Goals, methodology, self-evaluation mechanism 

Start and end date 

Amount of funding requested 

Other funding sources 

What per cent of the total budget would this grant represent? 

Please attach copy of:

Mission statement

Nonprofit status

Board list


Brochure describing your organization 

Applications may be submitted by fax, e-mail, or hard copy to:

“In Anne’s Spirit” The A E Borghesani Community Fund"
    24 Hastings Road 
    Lexington, MA 02421

   Phone:  781-862-7309 
   Fax:       781-862-0888