In Anne's Spirit supports two annual scholarship at Tufts University and Lexington High School.
For both scholarships, students apply for the awards.



Anne E Borghesani Memorial Prize at Tufts


This prize, founded by Anne’s family and friends at the time of her death, is an incentive award that enables the recipient(s) to undertake a project, activity or plan of study in any field involving international issues. The prize is designed to inspire personal and intellectual growth, increase understanding of all peoples, and encourage a commitment to community reminiscent of that which was so evident in Anne.


Students from a variety of Tufts majors have used the prize to venture abroad and study, conduct research, participate in international internships, and become involved in social change movements. Borghesani award recipients have carried out their plans in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, and South Asia. The commitment of the recipients has continued after graduation as they move into fields in medicine, law, and teaching.  Several students have been granted Fulbright Awards for further study initiated as Borghesani scholars.


In her remarks at a recent colloquium, Anne’s mother spoke of Anne’s rich and happy years at Tufts when she grew intellectually and socially.  Her trips to Russia, during the ‘cold war’, with Prof. David Sloane and her visit to a divided Berlin during her junior year abroad awakened her to the importance of personal dignity and freedom of choice.  She wrote in a letter after visiting East Berlin, ‘why am I free, what is freedom?”.  These students, who reflect Anne’s values and interests, ask these same critical questions during their experiences abroad.


As the Borghesani Prize continues into its third decade at Tufts, the importance of understanding the world community has never been more apparent. The Borghesani Prize is an excellent vehicle to work toward that goal. The fund continues to work to increase the value of the prize and the Borghesani family and classmates of Anne’s are actively involved in prize selection and maintain relationships with the recipients.


Recipients of the Tufts Scholarship


Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize at Lexington High School

This Memorial Prize at Lexington High recognizes a graduating female who best exemplifies Anne’s caring commitment to school and community service. The recipients continue to demonstrate their commitment to service during college and in their careers. Anne’s classmates, the LHS Class of 1985, created this yearly prize in 1990. The LHS committee maintains connections with past recipients of the Prize and encourages the continued development of the AEB Memorial Prize community. In recognition of the significant work done by the Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize Committee, our Fund has given yearly donations to the scholarship fund. 


Recipients of Anne’s Memorial Prize at Lexington High School:

2020 Marisa Boni

2019 Anna Benson

2018  Mona Tavanger

2017  Brooke Medley

2016  Hannah Geller

2015  Julie Ballo

2014  Sara Fopiano

2013  Kate Powers

2012  Roldyne Pierre Louis

2011  Meghan Fuery

2010  Noha Ahmed

2009  Emily Sillari

2008  Elana Jabbour

2007  Isabelle Eccles

2006  Libby Mislan

2005  Sarah Keeping

2004  Audrey Gibbons

2003  Hiva Shafa

2002  Dena Bruss

2001  Stephanie Miles

2000  Sarah Crane

1999  Carolyn Grunst

1998  Rena Miller-Jacobs

1997  Betsy O’Neill

1996  Ellen Van Wert

1995  Gayle Holt

1994  Sara Ginns

1993  Elizabeth Crane

1992  Kerri Sarajian

1991  Jennifer Trodella


Betty, Steve Volante, 2012 recipient Roldyne Pierre Louis, Julia Potter, and Roger